Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glowing Forest


The first thing someone picked up from me at Comic Con - unfortunately this is the only scan I have and the colors are much richer in real life. -__-


  1. she is awesome! hope the Comic con was successful. You look so cute in your snow white costume :-)

  2. This is stunningly gorgeous, SaraLynn!!! I bet she really did glow in person, cuz she's spellbinding here!!

  3. Your illustrations are always gives me a romantic feeling,

    No, he's not, but I would not be suprised if he looked like someone, he have pretty normal facial features, could be a songer or tv star. Some reader thought he looked like a swedish musicartist Salem Al Fakir. But I draw from my imagination. I'm never really shore whats will come out of my it before my drawing is finished.

    Very glad you like it, have a great day! xx

  4. I'm not surprised this one went instantly, she's beautiful! Really amazing colors, even if the scanner "ate up" some of the IRL richness. It's always hard trying to make one's work look decent on screen (at least I think so when scanning/photographing my stuff...)

    // -T.W-