Sunday, October 31, 2010

Parting with art?

I'm finally getting to the point where I don't miss things so much when I ship them away in the mail. I just feel incredibly grateful for having had the chance to make them. (Of course, it doesn't hurt than I have digital photos of everything I make, tehe! I don't know how they did it in the old days...)

What about you guys? How do you feel about parting with your art?


  1. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have given something I made away because I liked it too much...but eventually I get over it. If I kept everything I made...gosh...I would be a hoarder.

  2. Hi! Your art is wonderful. I never used to be able to part with my art, because being a perfectionist, I used to not finish many pieces for fear of "messing them up". But now I'm finally getting to the point where I know I can always make more and I was given this gift to share it, not to keep it to myself. Plus the whole digital photo thing does help ; )


  3. It's really hard! The ART becomes my babies!! ;P But I have only sold prints so it's not the same, but can imagine it must be hard!

    Very cute blog
    johanna, sweden

  4. Years ago, I was still learning (i will always be learning, but not a beginner anymore) and everthing I made felt like a triumph! Had a lot of trouble parting with the originals....but now, I'm more prolific, not so uptight about my art, constantly trying new things.

    I know I'll just keep making more.... so, I'm not as adamant about "holding on" as I once was....I often just give things away now....and LOVE doing trades!

    I think that the closer you are to realizing your dream as an artist...the less you need to keep the proof! Y'know what I mean? ;OD

  5. Sometimes I used to dislike doing it, depending on what the piece was, but knowing that it was going to a loving home to make people happy helped me to let go of it :) These days I make most of my work digitally anyway so there's never really an original piece to let go of!

  6. It's always so exciting when people actually write back! tehe...

    @ Shayla - The hoarder bit made me laugh so much!

    @ Johanna... I totally hear you! I have pieces that I totally feel are my babies. I actually have pieces that I'll be working on and the whole time I'm thinking "You are for me. No one else is getting you." lol

    @ Cameron, I love this, "I think that the closer you are to realizing your dream as an artist...the less you need to keep the proof!" It is just the most beautiful way to describe it!

  7. Great to hear that you are now comfortable parting with art!

    I used to not want to part with my work but in the past few years I actually really like parting with work, giving them a new home and knowing that the one who owns it must have really liked it to buy it.

    I sometimes ponder where some of my older work has gone and how far they have travelled. Its a nice feeling

  8. I understand how you feel. Even though I do my art digitally and can reproduce it anytime, I still have a habit of making a hard copy as a keepsake (as well as a portfolio). It will be much harder if I hand paint my work, I guess.

  9. I LOVE selling my art! Lol! If there is a certain peice that I started because of an experience I was going through, I often wait a while til I put it up for sale. But on the whole it's kind of nice knowing there are little bits of me out there in the world. ♥

  10. i have the most impossible time getting rid of anything i create.... whether it's photos i've taken, silly little crafts, or a painting that didn't turn out so well. the worst, for me, is selling my hand made clothing. i always start on a new reconstruction with the idea that i will sell it and always keep it. even if it doesn't fit! pack rat all the way

  11. it's hard, especially when you made it with all your heart :)
    But i believe not to stick with that feeling for long, once you part with it, take that as a challenge to make something more creative, more moving, more everything than the previous one you love so dearly XD *but don't forget to save a soft copy of it...tehee!* :D

    Hey Sara, want to join the fun in 30 days-drawing challenge? There's no rule actually, you can start whenever you want XD If you want i could email you the list...i was also tagged by my friend, and so far, so much fun! :D

  12. I'm sending you an email, your email address is still the same right? :D

  13. Mine are prints so I guess it is quite alright to mail them. Just very happy that they have new home!

    As for the original one, I feel much harder to see them go but nonetheless I do agree with Cameron's comment :) We just keep growing and creating more!