Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inspirations: Carin Berger

Not so long ago, I discovered the fantastic illustrator Carin Berger. I was just snooping along the shelves at Borders and found Forever Friends and just had to buy it because of the beautiful illustrations. You can pick out bits and pieces of magazines and water bills in the collages, and the swooping shapes of the bird and bunny are gorgeous. The story is also very sweet & a nice way to teach young children about the changing seasons and migration. I've used my personal copy in a few storytimes at the library and the children always love the bird and bunny.

Forever Friends

Because I loved this book so much, I decided to order a copy of The Little Yellow Leaf. This is another beautiful book, with a story that is both simple and sweet. It is created in the same collage style, with some very impressive spreads... 

The Little Yellow Leaf

Happy reading!

<3 Sara Lynn


  1. I have an obsession with bunnies...I have one tattooed on me as well. :D I really want to buy this book now and the art is lovely on the cover. I also viewed your artwork and you are super talented! I am now following you and I cannot wait for more amazing posts.

  2. :) Thank you!

    I love bunnies as well, and the one in this book is just breathtaking - cute and elegant all at the same time!