Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is how I feel today. The heat came on in my house for the first time this season, and I felt so cozy and snuggly. I woke up, put on fuzzy socks, and made myself a nice cup of tea for breakfast.
One of my older wood block prints.

I had also completely forgotten that I had made this little stamp. I think I dismissed it because the line underneath them is so choppy. Maybe when I get the chance, I will find this little eraser stamp and cut the whole thing out.

I have some sketches to scan, but my scanner isn't hooked up properly right now, so they will have to wait until I have enough time to fix it. I'm hoping to finish my school work soon enough so I can 1.) Hook up the scanner and 2.) Play with photoshop.


  1. The blue little elephant and her mom are cute... BUT I really really love the coffee wood work.. very beautiful indeed!

  2. So lovely... both the picture and the sentiment. Fall brings with it the desire for warmth and coziness, to be sure. :)

  3. Niceeee :D i always love woodcutting artworks :D

    btw i linked you on my blog, is that okay? :D

  4. :) Of course it is okay! Thank you Celia!