Monday, December 19, 2011

How to be a Ghost: An Illustrated Guide

 I just got a copy of the wonderful book How to Be a Ghost by Neil Slorance and Campbell Miller. It's available on etsy for only £4.00 (about $6.37) and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Here is the official description:

How to be a Ghost: an Illustrated Guide is a cute 24 page book printed in A6 (super cute size!) It tells the story of a wee ghostie finding his way around his new found ghost life, it has a lot of nice bits and a lot of funny bits. It's mainly for big kids although is also suitable for little kids as there is no sweary words but I'd advise their parents to read it first.

Reasons you should get this book:

1. The lettering. Here's a peak - gorgeous, no?

2. Neil is a very talented illustrator. The images are charming and flow smoothly with the text.

3. Neil is giving out a free original drawing with the first 100 copies sold! (So get yours fast!)

4. The book is printed on recycled paper. The quality is lovely.

5. This book is unique. You won't find anything like it in your local bookstore and not many people are going to be able to get their hands on this. If you are a collector of artists' books and zines, as I am, this is going to be a very special part of your collection.

For a small book, How to Be a Ghost is filled with a lot of story and a lot of jokes. The art is definitely kid-friendly, but I think the humor would appeal mostly to adults and older kids. The ending is very sweet and I was tempted to include a photo because the last few pages contain some of my favorite illustrations, but I won't ruin the surprise for you! 

Check out Neil's etsy page so you can be as charmed by his art as I am!


  1. This is the cutest story!
    I am just doing my little Santa tour before i take break, and i was coming around to drop off a shining star for you :) and wish you a Merry Christmas,
    xo sandra

  2. this really looks like a charming book and a cute idea. thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Oh what a cute book!!!! I love it Sarah!

  4. Awww...what a great idea...I'll have to look into this cute little book....thanks for passing along the good vibes :)

    Hope you a have a Magical Christmas!

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful art.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from UpAndAwayStudio.

  6. Awww, this is so cute! I'll definitely have to check out his Etsy store and buy a copy. Thanks for sharing this Sara! xxx

  7. What a treat it is to discover a book that both delights and inspires! Have a delightful and inspiring christmas Sara!
    Jess xx