Monday, March 21, 2011

Butterfly Elf

4x6" Copic Markers
Another quick and tiny marker drawing to help me relax. This semester has been killing me! It's midterm time for me and I had to go out of town because my grandmother went into the hospital. She's doing much, much better now, but I'm very behind on school work!

Anyway, I'm sure you can guess that I'm really behind on my blog reading! So, if you haven't heard from me in a while, this is me saying I'm sorry, and I am doing my best to keep up with everyone!

Also, this is totally my 100th post! Yay!!!


  1. You're really skilled with markers, I love the yellowy greens in the background in contrast with the dark brown hair and purple butterflies, all those tiny details on their wings and the plants are gorgeous too.
    Glad to hear your grandmother is doing much better now, and I wish her well. Congrats on your 100th post too!

  2. I love her hair. And congrats on your 100th post!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts!!! Amazing that we find that much to share and post, isn't it....and yet, it goes so fast!

    This piece is absolutely gorgeous, SaraLynn!!! I mean gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love that you're doing more color work....makes all your sweet details stand out a bit more :D

    Hang in there with school!

  4. such lovely texture in her hair:) it's fun to see your new work. i am glad to hear your grandmother is doing much better. congratulations on the 100th post! and thank you for the kind words you leave about my work. i really appreciate it!

  5. hello dear lady,
    I am happy to hear that your grandmother is doing much better. Your butterfly elf is sweet as can be! And such wonderful colors.

    Congratulations on post 100

  6. Beautiful! I can see Spring is coming to your illo!

  7. Congratulations with your 100 posts! A milestone! I like her hair and the branches behind her. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :-)

  8. She's so beautiful, love the expression in her eyes... so calm and peaceful, very elf-like! ^-^
    Awesome work!
    And congrats on 100 posts!

  9. Beautiful! I love the color and butterflies!! Spring live in your drawing :D

  10. I particularly like the color scheme on this one- Those purple butterflies are the perfect accents to the bright, limey green background.

  11. keep making those whimsical women! congrats on your 100th post!

  12. Very cute! Makes me longing for summer!

    Thank you, I made the illustration for a whole different reason, but I relised it was perfect for the LA post! Even reminded me of Lina and I!

    Take care