Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Wonderfully Talented Peter Chan

I have to say, something about blogging has made me luckier. Tangibly luckier. Like the other day, when I went to my mailbox, I found this envelope from Peter Chan (an FSC certified envelope, I might add), containing the most beautiful limited edition gocco print. Peter Chan had a contest on his blog, and I was one of the very lucky winners!

 Isn't she insanely gorgeous? I guess it's only to be expected from Peter Chan, whose gorgeous illustrations appeared in The Familiars (see below). He is currently working on images for the second book in the series, due out in September 2011.
The Familiars

You can't tell in the photo, but the pale pink ink has a beautiful shimmer to it.

I love the subtle variation in color here...

Anyway, if you want to be impressed, visit Peter Chan's website & blog!

Thank you so much, Peter!


  1. oh how lucky for you!!! what a beautiful print!!! Blog friends are the best!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Whew, this is really beautiful! I LOVE her little face! Congrats to you! It's wonderful to receive a package in the mail. I was just telling my husband today how art bloggers are just the most kind and generous people. It's a whole new world of wonder & joy. (Thank you for your sweet comments and visit today!) ~Kathy

  3. lucky indeed, this is wonderful. congratulations!

  4. Nothing beats finding goodies in your mailbox! This one's a beauty :)

    People in Blogland are so generous...

  5. YAY, lucky you! I will check out the site! xo

  6. you are so so so lucky!!! :D :D I love his chaos series (it is very hard to say no to one of my favorite flowers - lotus) and his amazing paintings!! :D :D

    So niceeeeeeee!! Love the variations of the colors too, like the pink, deep pink and the nice muddy yellow and back to olive greeeeeen... oh darn.. I wish I could join! XD XD


  8. How lovely! Such a lovely prize. :) xx