Friday, September 3, 2010

ACEO Originals Available

Girl with Petals ACEO

Lady in Miniature No. 2

I have two more original ACEOs available on my etsy shop. They feel so tiny and delicate to me - I almost feel like I'm sending a small child off into the world for their first day of school. That probably sounds strange, but I think most of us form bonds with the things we make. That being said, I hope these girls find good homes!

In other news, my life has totally switched gears in the last week! I am only working at one job, now (The Brunswick Community Library). I had to stop working at the Troy Public Library so that I could start graduate school. I'm really missing the kids from storytime and the teens that I worked with at my weekly art club, but there's just no way I could do two jobs, full-time school, and internships at the same time without ending up with my head in an oven. 
My classes seem interesting so far. Most of them are pretty basic information science (aka librarianship) courses, but I also get to take children's lit this semester, which has always been my favorite subject! Oh, and UAlbany's downtown campus is absolutely gorgeous - filled with trees and big, beautiful brick buildings.


  1. The girl with petals is really a darling :)
    Sweet, soft and pretty :D :D

  2. Do you ever trade ATC's, I would looove to trade with you one day.