Monday, October 26, 2009

Library Poster

This was a project for my illustration class. We had to create a travel poster for a place we went over the summer, and, well... I didn't go anywhere except for work, so I made a poster for my place of employment!
It's definitely not perfect, but I learned a lot from working on this. I'll also have full-sized posters printed out soon, which is kind of exciting. Hopefully, the colors will print well.


  1. Beautiful illustration! it does come to life! I love how he came out of the book but still goes back to read from it ;) very very beautiful!

  2. How awesome... This looks like it really should be hanging up in the library! You should think about sharing it with them, perhaps. ;)

  3. :) Thanks, Hannah! I'm thinking of paying to have two printed - one for me, one for my library.