Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Grace was the working title (I had to save it as SOMETHING, and I have so many doodles named "girl 1" "girl 2" that it gets very confusing). She was originally in a ball gown and had a very long, graceful neck and very fancy hair piled on top of her head, and the name Grace was very fitting. Then she turned into a girl in a t-shirt with a pony-tail. Then she turned into Disney's Belle. Then she turned into this. Since I can never think of titles, this is still called Grace.


  1. Ah, jpeg artifacts - probably the one tangible aspect of western culture that archeologists will dig up and admire in another 1000 years.

    Honestly though, I can't see the artifacts in this image - looks like you saved it at a high enough res.

    Aha, good to know I'm not the only one who goes through several variations on the same image. I've had sketches where oversized mechs with shoulder cannons turn into girls hugging kittens after about the fifth pass.

    Really dug on the ghost doodle, btw; and stylized fish are always a good touch for headers. I did a bamboo mat a month or so back with koi - I should post it sometime soon.

  2. Most of it popped up in her cheeks (I think blogger down-sizes file sizes - everything gets a tiny bit blurred when I put it here).

    Haha... I would LOOOVE to see a mech turning into a cute girl with a kitten! tehe