Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Something quick to get away from homework...


  1. Whatever helps to get away from homework is always more educational, esp. artwork. At least, that's what I kept telling myself in college.... Which was an animation program... Uh, anyhow...

    Thanks for adding me to your watchlist, btw. Looking through your posts here, there's a fellow artist and blogger I think you'd really dig on (and no, this isn't spam; trust me): She has a really neat style that's pretty storybookish, with lots of texture, colors, and details.

  2. I do trust you - I adore Mall! :D And I think you may be right... I know much more about things that I try to learn about on my own, than things that are taught in my classes... hm...

    Also, thank you for visiting! I really enjoyed looking through your blog - your drawings have so much movement to them!

  3. You've got a great eye for colour and composition Sara! Wonderful stuff!

  4. Heheh, well, yeah; unfortunately I think art school's always been about being solely the diving plank - it's up to the person to cannonball and hop in the water.

    Believe me, same here: I had more drawing happening on the margins of my notebooks during my non-art classes than I did my art classes. And even the art classes had me zoning out and still doing the margin-drawing thing. Old habits from HS I guess. But it kind of helped force me to take notes while drawing, which ended up helping me to make story dev pages later on(story/character notes + thumbnails on the same page).

    BTW, you familiar with Edmund Dulac's stuff?

  5. True, note taking can result in some very interesting things... I do agree, though, some of my most boring classes turned out to be drawing classes. You can only draw so many fruit bowls in a row...

    I am not familiar with Edmund Dulac, but judging from the google search I just did, he's very good...