Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sage Portfolio - Watercolor Illustration

This year, one of my pieces made it into my college's portfolio - a pamphlet advertising the art department. With just thirteen pieces (at least two of which are by a professor), I'm pretty darn flattered that one of my pictures made the bunch. They did spell my name wrong (it is Sara, not Sarah), but I am pretty used to having my name misspelled and, to be frank, it doesn't really bother me.

The whole thing is a bit funny because I had no idea that my piece was being used until a friend mentioned to me that she had seen it, and because I had no idea that a photo was ever taken of this. I had honestly forgotten about this picture altogether. I'll take photos of a lot of my school work and post it online, but this one never made that bunch. It has been sitting in my back room, probably warping since I never bothered to store it properly (which is one reason why this is a scan of the pamphlet, instead of a photo of the original). Now I almost feel like I should frame it or something... or at least lay it flat and keep it out of the dust...


  1. I love the curls in the illustration, the tip of the mountains and the clouds and the trees.. very funky looking, the main characters are very sweet too ;) I like the whole thing

  2. Congratulations! Nice play of colors Sarah. ooops...;)

  3. great illustration! I like the purple colors and the mountains are very cool!